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A community which lives to enlighten;
Receives to enable, with God as its source,
Christ as its model and people as partners.

Pravaham means an “ever flowing stream”. It was initiated by the Rt. Rev. Ananda Rao Samuel, former Moderator and Bishop of the Church of South India, in 1993, with a vision of a community for Peace and Justice. Pravaham is located in Palamathi Hills in Venkatapuram, a village in the Timiri Panchayat in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, South India. It offers programs in Education, Health, and Awareness to the rural Dalit and marginalized communities.


Pravaham is the realization of the full potential of the oppressed, marginalized and minority communities leading to a world where all people live in peace and unity based on the recognition of the dignity and sacredness of human life.



  • To educate, train and empower the dalits, women and other marginalized sections of the society .

  • To stand in solidarity with the poor and the oppressed in their struggles for human dignity, social justice and freedom.

  • To strengthen the internalities of leaders and communities working for a more just and humane society.

  • To dialogue with and create fellowship of people from diverse fields for justice and peace.

  • To struggle with the poor, the oppressed and the dalits in various ways to provide for their basic needs in life.


Pravaham believes in the vision of the Kingdom of God on earth:

  • Where love, peace, justice, compassion and righteousness prevail.

  • Where every individual is accepted, loved, respected, and cherished as a person created in the image of God, irrespective of caste, colour, class, gender, ability, wealth or status.

  • Where there exists seamless integration and unity across the spiritual and the material, the manual and the intellectual, the private and the public.

  • Where prayer, service, sharing and simplicity guide our lives and relationships.


Board of Trustees

Aloysius Irudayam .S.J


Ann Rajkumar


Lucy Shyamsundar

Managing Trustee

Swarna Rao




Mariamma Wilson


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