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Stories of Impact

Stories of success of our students …from depravity to dignity

Every student who leaves the portals of Pravaham has a success story! Here are a few for you to read…..


Priya 2007-08

Priya Is from Vellore. She lost her father when she was young. Her mother worked as a house maid and brought up her children. Priya passed class 12 with good marks but her mother could not afford to send her to college. Priya thought that her life would also be like her mother’s working as maid and she lost hopes of a better life.


Few weeks later she heard of Pravaham from a neighbour and she told her mother who was willing to send her. She joined Pravaham Community College in 2008 and completed the course in 2009. She worked for one year as a Home Nurse in Bangalore and then she got a job in CMC Hospital, Vellore as a Health worker.


Priya is married now and has two children. She helped her brother in his education. She says “I cannot imagine my life if I had not come to Pravaham. I do not have words to thank Pravaham for giving me a new life and hope”.

Sheeba. M 2008- 09

Is from a village named Kandipedu near Tamil Nadu - Andhra border. Her father is a daily wage labourer and both of her parents did not have formal education. They sent their children to school hoping they will study and get a decent job. Sheeba, seeing some women from her church working as Nurses in CMC hospital always dreamed to become a nurse. As she failed in class 10 she couldn't study further and fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse. Her parents forced her to go to work as they were finding it difficult to run the family with their small wages. Having lost all hopes of studying further she went to work as daily wage worker in the agricultural fields and in factories to support the family income. This continued for 6 years.


At the age of 22 she heard about Pravaham from her pastor. She begged her parents to send her to Pravaham Community College. Her parents willingly sent her as there was no fee charged for studies in Pravaham. She joined the Health Assistant course and completed it in 2010. Soon after that Pravaham helped her to find a job in a Senior Citizen Home in Bangalore. After working there for two years and gaining experience, she found a job in a Hospital in Bangalore. From then on Sheeba's life took a U-turn. She supported her family and the family was able to move from a small hut to a concrete building. She got married to an educated boy and their family status has improved considerably.


Sheeba says "Thanks to Pravaham for lifting me and my family up from poverty and making me stand on my own legs with dignity. Pravaham not only equipped me with skills but also gave the confidence to lead a fulfilled life. God has made me a blessing not only to my family but also to many in my Hospital."


Saraswathi student of the year 2016-17 visited Pravaham on the 2nd of Feb 2022. She shared this with the staff and students “I was once grazing goats, as my father couldn't afford to pay for my higher studies. Today I stand before you as a Nursing graduate, it is all because of Pravaham. Seeing my zeal to pursue higher education, Pravaham helped me study General Nursing at Karigiri School of Nursing, Vellore, by paying the college fees. I completed the course in December 2021 and I am now working as a Nurse in CMC Hospital, Vellore. Not only my family but my whole village is proud of me. I am the first dalit graduate of my colony.” Saraswathi spent a week at Pravaham and took classes for the students on Nursing procedures and taught them new songs.

Tamilarasi says “I thought my life was set for doom and all my dreams for my two sons came crashing down on the day my husband met with an accident and died two years back. But today thanks to Pravaham, I have a hope of a good future for my sons.”

Tamilarasi, came to know about Pravaham Community College through a social worker in CMC Hospital, Vellore. She was enrolled in diploma in Health Assistant course, at Pravaham, in 2019 and completed the course in September 2020.

She secured a job as Health Aide in CMC hospital, Dept of Community Health, Vellore, in the month of October. On the Anual cultural day of Pravaham Community College, Tamilarasi came and shared her success story in front of everyone. She donated Rs.10000 from her first salary, as a token of gratitude, towards empowering other helpless women to study at Pravaham. Everyone was moved by her generosity and large hearted gesture.


Deepika R.

Deepika gets an opportunity for higher studies: Deepika student of 16th batch boarded a bus to go to hennai to start her new job. As the bus was about to start she got the news that she secured a seat in the Schieffelin school of Nursing at Karigiri and was asked to report to college the next day. Her joy knew no bounds. Deepika comes from a very poor family. Her father was crippled in an accident and mother takes up tailoring to support the family of five. Pravaham helped her to apply for higher studies. Her family was a little hesitant to send her for higher studies because of the family’s financial situation. But we convinced them that Deepika will have a bright future if she has a Nursing diploma. Deepika says “ I have no words to thank Christian Education Fund, Kassel, for sponsoring my studies and to Pravaham for encouraging me and giving me confidence in myself.” Deepika, now completed first year Nursing course.

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