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Stories Of Impact

Stories of success of our students …from depravity to dignity

Every student who leaves the portals of Pravaham has a success story! Here are a few for you to read…..

My name is Sindhu. I passed XII class. I am the eldest in the family. I have a younger sister. I could not study further because of my father. He is a drunkard and he beats us and my mother almost everyday .He goes to work but doesn’t give anything to the family. My mother works as a labourer in the fields to support my family and sent us to school. My mother became ill and she said that she can no longer support us to study further. She said that I should work to support the family. It was disappointing but I obeyed my mother realizing our family situation. After working for one year in a shop, a friend of my boss heard about my family situation and he told me about Pravaham. He said that Pravaham helps poor students who cannot study further, to get vocational training and helps to find a job. I was very happy to hear this. It is a dream come true . I came to Pravaham to get a certificate in vocational training but I learnt many more things which are valuable in life. Life skill classes are very useful to me. I brought my sister to Pravaham to study Health assistant course. I can never repay what Pravaham has given me. I am now working as a Nursing aid in Chennai earning Rs.5000. My mother and all in the village are very proud about me. As a small token of my gratitude I gave my first salary to Pravaham.

I am Vijaya lakshmi. I am 20 years old. My father is a farmer and my mother takes care of the cattle. I have two elder sisters and both are born blind. In our village they look down upon us because we are all girls and have deformities. I completed std.12 and I had big dreams of going to college and wanting to become a Nurse. My father told me that he can not afford to send me to college. For two years I was grazing cattle shedding tears every day thinking that there is no use studying upto 12th class because my mother who is an illiterate and i are doing the same work. I had lost all hopes of studying further. My father wanted to get me married .. My father takes care of the farm of a lady who works in CMC Hospital ,Vellore. She was sympathetic to my plight and one day she came and told me about Pravaham community college. She took me there personally and `helped to get admission. I am so thankful for her for guiding me to Pravaham. Pravaham gave me a new life not just a diploma but happiness , fulfilment and courage. I now have the confidence that I can take care of the my family.

I am Suganthi and I am 19 years old. I come from a very poor dalit family. My mother and father both work hard as construction laborers to support our family of five girls. All my siblings were interested to study and my father encouraged us to study. I am the second child and my sister and I used to work after school hours to support our family. Often my parents used to leave us and go to the city looking for work. There were many days we used to go to bed hungry with only one meal a day. None of my relatives helped us but instead looked down on us because we were all girls.

Overcoming many obstacles with great struggle, I completed my 12th class with good marks. But my father couldn’t afford to send me for higher studies because he took loans to send my sister to college. Heartbroken I went to work as construction laborer, carrying heavy loads both on my head and in my heart. I worked for a year and I thought that is the end of my dream of studying further and having a better life. My father came to know about Pravaham community college which gives opportunities for drop out students from very poor families and I joined the college. This was a turning point in my life. The change that has taken place in my life is immeasurable. From the good food we get here and the encouraging words by our teachers, it was a new experience for me. I have learnt to be positive and trust God in all life's challenges. Now I am working as a Nursing Assistant in Chennai. I am helping my sisters to continue their education.

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