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Community Education Program For Rural Dropout Students (Pravaham Community College)

This program provides opportunities to dropout students, particularly girls from Dalit and other marginalized communities in the villages, to get vocational training and gain employable skills. It is a one year residential program The students are given training not only in vocational skills but also in life coping skills and communication skills. Successful completion of ‘Community Education Program’ empowers the drop out girls to lead fruitful lives and also helps to promote an all-round and integrated development of the entire village community.

In our experience, we have many examples where these young women have become important pillars in their families’ development – economically, educationally, socially and spiritually. They have provided supports to re-build families, guide younger children in their studies and career, and facilitate their families survive crises. All the students who complete the course are given placement in partner institutions in Chennai and Bangalore. These girls who were once considered a burden to the family and community become contributing citizens of the society.

The cost of the program is Rs.80,000.00 per student. This includes training, boarding, lodging, uniforms, and study materials. The entire cost is sponsored by organizations and friends of Pravaham and made freely available to the students as their families are too poor and prefer to educate the boys rather than the girls. Pravaham Community college is affiliated to National Skill Development Corporation of India (NSDC) and Tamilnadu Open University (TNOU).

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