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Community Outreach Programs

Pravaham reaches out to children, youth, elderly and women in villages around Pravaham, bringing awareness in the areas of Health, Nutrition, Hygiene Environment and Social causes.

Health Awareness Programs

Pravaham organises health awareness programs which focus on giving information to sensitise the community on causes, symptoms, preventive methods of various health disorders and diseases prevalent in the community. Information is given on how to integrate and maintain hygiene in their lifestyle. The complete health awareness programme is focused towards making rural people aware of how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle while undertaking various preventive measures.

Medical Camps

Medical camps are conducted in villages in and around Pravaham at regular intervals with the help of Doctors from Vellore and Chennai. Free consultation, diagnosis and medicines are given to the patients.

School outreach programs

Pravaham visits schools in rural areas and gives them awareness on child rights, sex education, protection from child abuse and sexual exploitation, Educational and Career counselling.

Motivational and value educational classes are given to inspire the students to become peace loving citizens and to set their goals high and use their full potential to achieve the goals.

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